The emotional layer of your story.

Your vision, Your film score.


When there's one thing that Iris has learned about contemporary film scoring during the last decade, then it's that approaches are very different for each film maker. The technical process of creating and editing film and, even more so, of creating music for film has changed tremendously over the years and so have the aesthetic and stylistic demands of the medium. This makes it all the more important for a film composer to establish a profound understanding of the creative vision as a whole.


Iris and her team at 4soundtrack aim to create a unique dramaturgical layer that helps your production convey whatever you want to tell the audience. This can be achieved in many ways, for example:


- Supporting or reinforcing the visual, auditive or verbal level

- Create tension by countering one or more of those levels

- Adding a unique statement like a character's internal experience

- Establishing a specific location or historic period

- Reinforcing the documental character of a scene by using a very reduced musical approach or through deliberate absence of music

- Diegetic music coming from an on screen source (radio, band, ...)

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