Triple-A quality game audio for any budget.

We love to work for games.


Iris Wallner and our team at 4soundtrack have a comprehensive back catalogue in many fields of the media industry, but working for games is definitely one of the areas we are most passionate about.


We know the game industry and have many years of experience  working together with development teams and supporting their creative vision and workflow in every aspect. The success of your project is what counts!


We do not only compose - we can handle every aspect of game music and audio as needed by our clients:


- Conceptual audio planning. consulting and supervision

- Interactive/adaptive in-game music

- Scoring for cutscenes, cinematics

- Stingers

- Original songwriting (e.g. for dramatic key moments)

- Sound design, effects, ambiences

- Original composition

- Production, Mixing, Mastering

- Arranging, Orchestration, Notation

- Live orchestra and instrument recordings

- Synthetic music production/mockups

- Music licensing (exclusive and non-exclusive)

- Voice over recording

- Audio implementation

Special conditions for Indie developers.

We help you get your project started!


We at 4soundtrack know exactly how hard it is for young and upcoming developers to be successful with a new idea. The games industry is a huge but highly competitive field and getting recognized and - possibly much more important - funded can be difficult. We also know that new ideas and approaches are the basis for the advancement of the whole industry.


It is very important for us to support indie developers. We love to work on small and creative projects as well as bold new ideas that are still in the first stages of development. We are aware that budgets are very constrained to basically non-existing for many young developers.  For this reason, we are always willing to find a financial compromise. We want you to succeed, and thus we offer our whole expertise to you at unbeatable conditions. Talk to us before you believe others who claim to have the best prices or before you hire unexperienced staff for free!

We are ready for VR applications.

The future of Gaming?


VR has appeared and disappeared from the market before, but we think that it is here to stay now. Virtual reality applications have become an experimental and highly creative field these days, and demands on music and audio vary greatly.


Working in VR may require special approaches, skills and abilities which we are happy to provide. This ranges from specific musical concepts and scripted/layered content to technical aspects concerning implementation. We believe that every project - and especially every VR project - is unique. Whatever your VR project might look like - we will help you find the best audio solution for it.

We make audio implementation easy.

Technical expertise.


Our team is used to work with all popular middleware solutions, and prepares all audio assets accordingly. We are happy to assist you with audio implementation depending on your specific needs and with all technical questions that might arise in the development process. In addition, working with experienced game audio specialists facilitates communication and helps you avoid additional work and direction from your side.

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