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Traditional Orchestra.


From vast symphonic landscapes to pounding action cues - the orchestra is still the most versatile canvas of musical colors available today. Suited for a broad range of applications, orchestral music can add dramatic depth and grandeur to any production.


Iris Wallner has made it one of her goals to capture the essence of the orchestral "Hollywood Sound". She studied classical and contemporary orchestration with some of LA's most renowned artists and is highly experienced in working with all kinds of orchestral ensembles - and she is always glad to bring this expertise to your project!

Contemporary/Hybrid Orchestra.


"Hybrid" sound combines traditional orchestral instruments with electronic elements like synthesizers, loops or sound design components. This sound is often used in trailer music, as well as in sci-fi games and big budget Hollywood movies.


Combining the art of traditional orchestration with profound technical skills, we at 4soundtrack are experts at creating this signature sound.

Smaller ensembles.


Not every production needs a massive soundtrack. Many modern filmmakers are worried that adding music to their project might bury the intricate details of their work and leave no room for the pictures to breathe.


Iris and her team are always dedicated to finding the right musical voice that supplements your creative vision in the best possible way. This often means a subtle and reduced approach. We love to work this way: It is highly effective and satisfying to explore the intimate qualities of only a few selected instruments and to stay aware of the power of silence.

Contemporary/ Rock/Pop.


At 4soundtrack, we are comfortable working in a broad stylistic range. Many productions demand additional source music, original songs to underscore emotional key moments or a youthful, contemporary sound in general.


We can deliver all that and much more: The musical styles in our back catalog  range from Big Band Swing to EDM and everything in between. Iris Wallner is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and is happy to write original songs for your project.

All music composed, orchestrated and produced by Iris Wallner. "Chasing through Shanghai" performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony, Los Angeles, conducted by Iris Wallner. "Two Kingdoms", "A Close Escape", "Into the Lair", "Descent to Battle" performed by The FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague, conducted by Adam Klemens. "Alone in a Ghost Town" performed by Ensemble Atout, Vienna, conducted by Iris Wallner. Vocals on "Reflections" performed by Iris Wallner.


All music © 2009-2019 by Iris Wallner. All rights reserved.

© 2019 by Iris Wallner. All rights reserved.